Anti-Spam - Mail not marked as SPAM

We have setup some simple procedures to help you "train" SpamAssassin so it can successfully determine whether or not an email is spam.

If you have received an email that has not been successfully marked as spam you will need to send us the spam email with all of its original "header" information.

The email address to forward the spam message to is: Please see below for instructions on how to send us the information we need.

A confirmation email will be sent to you confirming that the spam email that was not blocked as been added to our spam database.

To ensure that we receive the offending email with all of its original header information in tact, please use the following forwarding procedures:

Forwarding Email as an Attachment - Outlook

Please note: this change will affect all email when using the FORWARD option.

Open Outlook

Go to TOOLS menu and select OPTIONS


Go to WHEN FORWARDING A MESSAGE and from the pull-down list select


Click OK

Click APPLY and then OK to close the OPTIONS window

Once you have changed Outlook so email will be forwarded as an attachment, you can then forward the spam email to

Forwarding Email as an Attachment - Outlook Express

Open Outlook Express

Select and right-click on the spam email


In the TO field of the new email, add the email address

Click on SEND to forward the message to us

Forwarding Email as an Attachment - Other Email Clients

If you use another email client such as Thunerbird, please configure your program so that email sent using the "forward" option is sent as an attachment and not included in the body of the new email.


Please refer to the help documentation for your specific email client for further assistance.


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