04 Jan 2018

Arriva London on board with Tracerit

As we enter 2018, Tracerit's growth continues with Arriva London commencing use of the Tracerit software solution for public transport operators. Arriva London's account has been rolled out across all of their London bus depots, starting with an integrated Incidents Management module and the Driver Performance module. The CCTV module, complete with integrated WiFi-based CCTV requests to Arriva's fleet of 1,600 vehicles, and the Asset repair module will commence shortly. 

Arriva London operate approximately 1,900 buses and 5,000 staff across 19 London locations, under contract to TfL. 

Tracerit now helps to manage approximately 60% of Transport for London's buses, with clients using the Incidents ManagementCCTV, Asset Register, Driver HR and Driver Performance modules. 

Contact Arepo to find out more about the Tracerit software and how it can help manage your day-to-day operations. 

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