06 Jun 2018

Arepo Solutions awarded ISO 9001 2015

Arepo have successfully upgraded the ISO 9001 certification we have held since 2004 to the latest version, ISO9001:2015. 

ISO9001:2015 is an internationally recognised award that specifies the requirements for Arepo Solution's quality management system, ensuring that all of the software products and services we provide meet the needs of our customers as well as complying with relevant standards and regulatory requirements. 

Arepo have reworked all of the quality management system in use and our compliance with the latest version of the standard has been confirmed following an external audit. 

"The ISO 9001 quality management system is very important to Arepo" says Giles Parry, Commercial Director of Arepo. "The system continues to help us as we deliver our software solutions to a broad range of clients, particularly in the transport industry. Our clients appreciate the approach we take, ensuring that we successfully deliver software to assist their operational needs, and working with project and IT teams to deploy the solutions on time and within budget."

Arepo Solutions is a provider of online software whose products include:

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