01 Feb 2019

Arriva reducing incidents with the help of Tracerit

Arriva London operate nearly 1,800 vehicles across 19 garages for Transport for London (TfL).

Arriva London have deployed various modules within the Tracerit software suite including Incident Management, Integrated CCTV Management and Employee Performance. The account also includes integration with Drivetech, customer surveys, customer contact and TfL's IRIS reporting database.

“Tracerit has transformed the way that we interact with our staff and is a positive tool that allows us to both recognise our high performing staff but also to intervene when staff require our support to improve. The costs associated with the system are greatly outweighed by the benefits that we have seen and I wonder now how we managed without it! The Tracerit system is a fantastic tool that has helped our business to achieve a 10% reduction in incidents in under 12 months. It's a user friendly system that has been welcomed by our management teams and is in use across all of our London Garages”.

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