Contracts Register

The Contracts Register is an online Contract Manager database which assists businesses, NHS Trusts and UK councils to manage and automate their procurement processes.

Arepo's Contracts Register is provided to customers as a Software as a Service (SaaS) application where users simply access and manage their contract information through any standard web browser. Contracts, ITTs, scanned documents and supplier or customer contact information for each account is securely stored and protected with access limited to the relevant user accounts. Clients can roll this system out across the business so that each department can take responsibility for their own specific contracts, whilst maintaining a centralised database of information for full business analysis.

The application has been built to allow the flexibility required to adapt to the needs of your business. Our customers are instrumental in defining the future functionality of the application as it evolves to meet businesses procurement and other contract management needs.

Functionality of the Contracts Register includes: 

  • contract management through deadline dates
  • secure management and storage of electronic copies of contract documents
  • supplier tender response management
  • daily to do list alert emails
  • e-tendering functionality
  • automated audit tracking
  • management reports
  • department level data access
  • processes for purchase and sales contracts
  • standard application features and functions

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Contracts Register

Contract life cycle management

from PQQ, RFP & ITT through to contract renewal

Reduce back office costs

through centralisation of procurement processes


online tender & supplier response management

Auditable systems

track all changes to each contract throughout its life

Document storage

upload documents and images to a centralised database

Sales & Support

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