Revenue Enhancements

Many business applications should have an ability to provide some form of revenue enhancements. With the flexible and robust power of the Arepo Platform, revenue enhancements are easy to realise. The following examples relate to characteristics within specific systems.

Multi-Company Business Solutions

Some applications may be required to service multiple companies. In these instances, the application can utilise the sophisticated data access model within our toolset so that each company is only given access to their own data. Aside from the numerous application benefits that this approach brings, there is an obvious financial advantage as the cost of application could potentially be spread between the individual companies. Alternatively, revenue could be obtained if the business offered annual licenses to each company wishing to use their application.

Customer Management System

A customer management system based upon the Arepo Platform will help revenue enhancement as it will support a much more systematic marketing campaign than relying on local spreadsheets or databases, providing businesses with a centralised database and improved management controls.

E-Commerce Solutions

A system which enables online payments for a service  such as booking a car parking space or paying a train fare might look like it was enhancing revenues when in actual fact it's primary result is in providing cost savings to the company and convenience for the customer.


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