Cost Savings

Start to benefit from the significant cost savings that can be yours when you own a bespoke database from Arepo.

Rapid Development

Fast development cycles are standard when utilising Arepo's inherent Rapid Application Development (RAD) technology. Applications are built quickly, using the prototyping power inside our toolset, significantly reducing the time and cost of development.

Fast Time Scales

'Development to live' time scales are further reduced by the minimal levels of testing required. As a tried and tested platform, many facets of an application have already undergone extensive testing and do not require further testing. However, some level of training does prove useful.

Application Service Provider (ASP)

No need to pay for internal IT staff as Arepo hosts the application and provides a fully managed application service. Alternatively, we also support applications for those customers who wish to host their own solutions.

Scalable Solutions

Through the tried and tested generic RAD technology of the Arepo Platform, especially in relation to the automatically updating interface (AUI) inherent in our solutions, applications can be easily and cost-effectively updated and aligned to meet the changing demands of your business.

No Licenses

Whilst these are multi-user client-server applications, there are no individual user licenses or server licenses to pay for. Simply a license fee per application installation which is combined into the support contract.

No Software

Additionally, no software needs to be purchased or installed per workstation. Arepo supports and manages our advanced solutions for a simple annual support & license cost per application, providing excellent value for money.

Future Proof

All legacy concerns are addressed as our solutions are written upon widely recognised technologies and all applications benefit from regular technology / feature / functionality updates. These are all provided under the annual support and license agreement.

Our Services

Back office applications

replace legacy business spreadsheets and local databases


get your business selling online and through call centres

Content Management Systems

Manage content on intranets and public web sites

Data centralisation

solutions to centralise business data and improve disaster recovery

Flexible solutions

deployed on your servers or provided as hosted solutions

No unforeseen costs

fixed price confidence, guaranteed

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