Key Benefits of an Online Database

All enterprise systems aim to provide cost efficiencies, great value for money and revenue enhancements. With an online database from Arepo you can benefit from all of these plus a wealth of extras including:

Power & Flexibility

Sort and access to your web-based data in any way you choose using powerful generic search abilities. Change your system easily as your business needs change.

Sophisticated Data Access Control

Provide different views of the data to your employees, clients and suppliers. Control who can edit, add or delete data based on your business rules.


The web pages generated by the Arepo Platform are tried and tested giving you the reliability of a product coupled with the flexibility of a bespoke system.

Fully Managed & Supported

There are no complicated patches or upgrade procedures required by you as Arepo applies updates directly to your application.

Regular Updates Applied

Your application will be feature-rich and future proofed as it will be under continual improvement. You will benefit automatically from the regular improvements and updates we release to all of our customers solutions.

Tried & Tested

As all solutions built on our toolset are used and stress tested constantly there is only ever a minimal amount of testing required by our customers.

Future Proof

As we employ rapid application development (RAD) techniques your database can be aligned to your ever changing business both cost-effectively and frequently.

Safely Stored Data

As a fully managed solution there is no need to worry about data backups as they are included under your support contract.


The programming inside our solutions is performed using widely available industry standard development tools, which could be utilised by internal development staff if required.


Arepo has been developing Rapid Application Development (RAD) systems since 1999, and is a leading expert in rapid database technology for the web.

Our Services

Back office applications

replace legacy business spreadsheets and local databases


get your business selling online and through call centres

Content Management Systems

Manage content on intranets and public web sites

Data centralisation

solutions to centralise business data and improve disaster recovery

Flexible solutions

deployed on your servers or provided as hosted solutions

No unforeseen costs

fixed price confidence, guaranteed

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