Legacy Systems

Our suite of Rapid Application Development tools and processes allow us to efficiently create web-based user interfaces to improve existing operational or legacy database applications. The resulting integrated system performs as a completely new application at a fraction of the cost of a replacement system whilst retaining, and often improving, business processes.

The type of technical problems people are likely to experience with legacy data and applications are:

  • Data quality challenges
  • Database design problems
  • Data architecture changes
  • Process-related issues
  • Inability to evolve in line with business needs

Arepo's expertise can help you to develop a replacement solution incorporating all data from your existing system, whilst minimising operational downtime as our development is completed alongside the current application. Working with you, we can often suggest and deliver improvements and changes that have probably been long overdue in your existing legacy system.

Contact Arepo to discuss how our rapid development can help you to improve an existing business application. 

To see how our software development approach has benefited our customers have a look at our legacy upgrade case study.

Our Services

Back office applications

replace legacy processes such as spread sheets and local databases


provide your business with online and call centre sales routes

Content Management Systems

Manage content on intranets and public web sites

Data centralisation

solutions to centralise business data and improve disaster recovery

Flexible solutions

deployed on your servers or provided as hosted solutions

No unforeseen costs

fixed price confidence

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