Online Databases

Online databases can provide many benefits to your business compared to the ongoing use of spreadsheets and local database applications. 

Some of these benefits include:

  • Easy to access using standard internet browsers on any operating system
  • No extra software is required - users simply navigate to the web-site and begin using the system
  • Scalability - browser based solutions are multi-user and can be easily aligned to mirror changing business requirements
  • Accessibility - you define who has access to different parts of the system
  • Security - if required, access to the web-site can be locked down to specific offices or home workers
  • Flexible Location - the hosting of the application can be located in any office or data centre, or outsourced to us
  • Data centralisation - improves access to your data and disaster recovery processes 
Get in touch with Arepo to find out how on-line access to your data could help your business. 

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