01 Jun 2022

New Tracerit software for Police force data retrieval requests

Arepo are pleased to announce that a new version of Tracerit has been released to support the CCTV footage and data requests generated by transport-related police departments.

Tracerit has provided bus operators a Police CCTV Request module, as part of the wider CCTV management functionality since its’ inception in 2012, helping CCTV analysts to record, categorise and manage evidence requests received from the police. Whilst this has been used predominantly in London, with all bus operators supporting the Metropolitan Police’s Transport Data Retrieval Team (TDRT), the workflow is available to all operators using Tracerit across the UK and Ireland.

The secure software, that has been developed and deployed as part of the police’s cloud-first IT strategy, is accessible to all users within a police service, processing requests from investigating officers that are then triaged by the relevant department prior to being sent to third party data providers such as bus companies, train stations or other public transport bodies.

Tracerit tracks the progress of each request through the in-built workflow processes allowing the police to generate reports, and Tracerit automatically alerts users to time-critical issues to help ensure that all evidence collection is optimised.

Data requests can include CCTV, both on-vehicle and at static sites such as bus and train stations, passenger information, cycle hire data and vehicle information. Tracerit automatically routes the request to the appropriate operator, and notes and messages can be managed between all relevant parties.

The application has now been completely integrated with numerous bus operator’s Tracerit accounts, helping to automate the processes and reduce the time their CCTV analysts need to spend on providing this public service.

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