Our Unique Approach

Database Reliability & Speed

In order to achieve reliability and speed of development, we place great emphasis on using tools to automate the development process. These tools, which we refer to as the Arepo Platform, allow us to remove duplication, and to enforce rules on all of the online databases we deploy. We believe that duplicating code within IT applications is a major cause of reliability issues.

Scalable & Future-Proofed

Most software development companies use tools of one kind or another to copy functionality, however, Arepo take this one stage further and generate all of our access control, data retrieval, navigation and data entry screens directly from the database and meta-data. This allows us two advantages. Firstly, we can adjust the database design to cope with changing business requirements and then regenerate our interface quickly. Secondly, we can optimise, modify and add features to our interface separately from any individual application giving all of our customers access to improved functionality.

Confidence & Satisfaction

Once a web solution is delivered, our customers do not have to worry about the kind of surprises that can occur with conventional web tools including unforeseen costs and shortened life expectancy. The costs of changing a conventional system can increase over time and compromises (hacks) made within the design of the application's database often result in the need to rewrite the entire solution. Arepo's web development solutions are designed to evolve with your business providing you with an excellent return on investment (ROI) over the life of the application. 

If you like our approach and can see the benefits of a sustainable web solution, please tell us how we can help your business.


Rapid Development

auto-generated database applications

Reliable & Flexible

automated development processes

Scalable & Robust

easily manages changes in your business requirements

Efficiently Evolve

designed and built for change

Optimised For Growth

new features added regularly

No Unforeseen Costs

fixed price confidence

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