Ground Operations Software System Case Study

The Ground Operations Software System (GOSS) from Arepo is an online software solution for aviation ground services companies. The application provides ground handlers, operating across multiple airport locations, a centralised solution to replace a range of paper, spreadsheet and email-based processes.

GOSS, which is customised by our clients business needs, comprises of a number of software modules that assist specific operational areas of airside services, including:

  • Accident and Non-Compliance recording helping your company to gain and maintain ISAGO (IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations) accreditation
  • Recording and reporting operational delays such as those related to aircraft refuelling
  • Generating vouchers for Airport Lounges and recording their usage
  • Recording and reporting transportation services provided to airlines and airports

Accidents and Non-Conformance

Airside ground operations comprise a wide range of services, often including large numbers of staff, plant and vehicles. The introduction of the IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations allows multinational ground handling agents to operate in line with a solid base of audit standards. Key to companies passing their ISAGO audit is the recording and maintenance of information relating to accidents and incidents that occur within the airside environment. 

The Accidents and Non-Conformance module of GOSS provides ground handling businesses with a centralised online database for all of these events. Data specific to each incident is recorded within simple web pages and the original paperwork is scanned and stored within the database. Photographic evidence can also be uploaded and stored as and when required. 

As well as recording information specific to passing an ISAGO audit, the module can also be used to record, manage and report safety issues for internal processes and documents such as monthly management briefings and board reports. More information about ISAGO can be found on the IATA website.

Delay Reporting

Many of the services provided by ground handling companies to airlines and airports are time critical and there is often a requirement to deliver these services to contractual Service Level Agreements (SLAs).  Having a system that allows aviation ground services companies to record and report on the delivery of these services can help these contractual obligations to be achieved. 

The delay reporting module records operational delays, such as those related to aircraft refuelling, either through a simple web page or through a smartphone application. The information is recorded in the centralised database allowing web-based access to the data and the reports. 

Voucher Redemption

As airport lounges have become more prevalent and increasingly used by the travelling public, recording usage and creating vouchers for clients and affiliates can become a time-consuming task. 

With the Voucher Redemption module a ground handling company can use the centralised functionality of the Ground Operations Software System to create, manage and report on the redemption of vouchers at the various airport lounges it operates. Lounge staff can record the vouchers redeemed using an internet browser or by making use of the GOSS mobile application. Redemptions are recorded in real time and management reports can be created from any PC with an internet connection. All of the information related to the account is limited to the specific ground handling agent or its clients. 

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