Ground Operations Software System (GOSS) Modules

GOSS contains a number of software modules to assist Ground Operations, Baggage Handlers and Ground Services Providers. These GOSS modules can be provided to our ground ops customers either individually or in any combination, depending on the needs of your business. 

The ground ops software modules are accessed using any standard web browser. Your business data is secured within your account and the latest encryption is used when accessing the web pages.

Module: Accidents & Non Conformance

  • Controlled access across multiple locations
  • Record and report on airside accidents
  • Workflow assists your ISAGO registration and accreditation
  • Controls the accident reporting process
  • Reduces back office administration
  • Data and Graphical management reporting
  • Store scanned documents and images for each incident

Module: Delay Reporting

  • Collect and store operational delay information
  • Use includes aircraft fuelling and vehicle delays
  • Flag delays with IATA delay codes 
  • Customised data input for specific operations 
  • Generate periodic reports for business analysis with your clients 

Module: Operational Audits

  • Record and store information on flight turnaround services and other operations 
  • Improves operational compliance to contractual KPI's
  • Upload team briefing and other documents 
  • Analysis through standard and ad hoc reports 

Module: Standard Operating Procedures and Manuals library

  • Centralised document storage
  • Optimised for:
    • Ground Operations Manuals
    • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's)
    • Risk Assessments (RA's)
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Forms for Annual Leave, Training Requests, Sickness etc
  • Controlled access to relevant Airports, Stations, Departments or Company-wide
  • Ensures document consistency across your ground handling business

Module: Voucher Redemption

  • Auditable solution to manage lounge usage
  • Generates unique references for voucher printing
  • Reduces fraudulent usage of airport lounges
  • Data integration with third party sales agents

Module: Airside Passenger & Crew Movements

  • Workflow management of airside passenger and airline crew movements
  • Assign costs to specific airlines, agents or airport departments
  • Mobile application for data input at source  
The Ground Operations Software System is designed for use by Aviation Ground Operations, Airport Ground Handling Agents and Airside Operation departments. Arepo has worked with our aviation clients to develop the GOSS system providing solutions to operational issues and requirements such as the IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO), accident recording for internal RIDDOR processes, delay reporting and airport lounge voucher management. For further information and to arrange a demonstration please call our Sales Team on 020 7280 4390

Aviation Ground Operations

ISAGO auditing

record airside accidents and incidents to help your IATA ISAGO registration and accreditation

Accident recording

manage internal RIDDOR processes and reporting

Delay recording

report operational delays to clients and customers

Operations audits

record and analyse turnaround operations and other business processes

Data centralisation

solutions to centralise business data and improve disaster recovery

No unforeseen costs

straightforward subscription pricing

Our customers say

"GOSS is a superb software solution for us, which helps us maintain our ISAGO accreditation year on year"

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