Trade Mark Management Software

Cautus is a fully managed solution for businesses and individuals wishing to look after a portfolio of trademarks. As Cautus is a fully hosted application run as a service, there is no need to purchase and install expensive software or hardware, yearly license upgrades or even module upgrades.

With a login to Cautus you can:

  • Manage your customers Trade Marks, Domain Names, Designs and Patents
  • Manage agents, registrars, contacts, clients, customers
  • See the life cycle history of a mark
  • Use the diary and event system to manage work
  • Receive email reminders
  • Download search results
  • Download a backup copy of your data (formatted in MS Access)
  • Generate and edit PDF forms (e.g. TM3,CTM)
  • Create standard reports (e.g. policing, summary)
  • Upload documents manually


Cautus has all the functionality of a traditional client-server application with additional features made possible by its unique web architecture.

Client access

You can provide your clients with read only access to their registration details and reports.

Data Migration

We know that you may have trade mark systems in place already. Our team of technical experts will be happy to discuss your data migration issues. We have extensive database experience and will offer to perform your migration whenever possible.


With this type of managed solution there is no up-front license payment or regular yearly upgrade charges - we merely ask that you sign a minimum 6 month contract.


If you provide us with your company logo we will be happy to brand your account with your logo.

Customer Requests

As the application resides on our servers we are able to react to any/all user requests and make any changes required (e.g. request for a new report) quickly. This is not often possible with other client-server applications which are installed off-site with the customer.


By storing the database and hosting the application we are able to see what you see on your screen. This is invaluable when providing immediate support or training.

Trade Mark Software

Your portfolio 

manage your customers Trade Marks, Domain Names, Designs and Patents

Perfect for

small to medium sized businesses (SMEs)

Document management

centrally store scanned documents and generate PDF forms

Securely hosted

hosted web solution, accessed using your web browser

No unforeseen costs

fixed price confidence

Sales & Support

+44 (0)20 7280 4390