Airport Operations Audits and Checklists case study

Use of the Ground Operations Software System (GOSS)

The UK operations of dnata began recording and managing all incidents using the Incident and Accident Management GOSS modules in 2010. The Operational Audits and Document Management GOSS modules were added to their account soon after to help improve their day-to-day operational performance. The business, originally operating from London Heathrow (LHR) and Manchester Airport (MAN) has expanded to include operations at London Gatwick (LGW), Birmingham International (BHX), Glasgow (GLA), East Midlands (EMA) and Newcastle International (NIA) airports.

Standard processes across all operations, regardless of size

The adoption of GOSS throughout the UK has been spearheaded by Adam Flowers, Safety and Compliance Manager at dnata. He states that “We’ve worked very hard to standardise all of our processes, making the recording, reporting and management of our operations easier to control, no matter where we work. This has been especially important recently where we have been starting up new operations across the country. Using GOSS has simply enabled us to roll out best practice across all airports, regardless of their size, and the Operational Audit tools have given us an immediate insight into how our regional staff are utilising these.” 

Adam is enthusiastic about the recent Audit module developments, in particular the automation of following up non-conformance issues. Adam goes on to say “Non-compliant activities are identified and logged using simple forms and the system automatically alerts the relevant managers, who then assign tasks to individual members of staff to remedy the situation. As our staff resolve each issue the information is updated, thereby providing our Regional and Head Office Managers with immediate insight into how our operations are performing”. 

Customised Operational Audit tools

GOSS’ Operational Audit tool allows aviation companies to deploy company- or airport-specific audits easily across their account. dnata have a number of checklists configured, including industry standard audits such as IATA’s ISAGO Safety Audit as well as bespoke company audits to help manage Health & Safety, Security and other Operational activities. Internal Auditors visit each airport and complete the audits using web-based forms on tablet devices or staff can complete the forms on their PC. 

Head Office staff can monitor the status of non-conformance issues and get alerted by email when each step is completed until the issue is quality reviewed and closed. The process is fully auditable showing all of the staff involved and when, and what, remedial actions are completed. 

Adam is convinced of the value that GOSS provides dnata’s business, commenting that “not only do we get alerted to non-conformance issues, but also if (or when) staff haven’t followed up within an acceptable timeframe. This ensures that our staff know that there are processes in place and that we do follow up on them, making sure that our business is performing to the best of all our abilities and providing our clients with the best service possible. GOSS is instrumental in helping us achieve this”. 

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