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Many Train Operating Companies (TOC's) issue Penalty Fare Notices, Unpaid Fare Notices and Byelaw Notices such as MG11s. These are often processed through paper-based processes and later input manually into spreadsheets or legacy databases. 

Revenue Protection Support Services (RPSS), a subsidiary of Southeastern Railway, utilise back office software provided by Arepo Solutions. The system manages revenue protection services across many of the UK's TOCs that issue their own Penalty Fare Notices, Unpaid Fares and Byelaws Notices. 


Arepo's latest mobile notice processing software, MobileRP, improves and automates the issuing of Notices by a train operators own staff and fully integrates with RPSS' back office system already in use across the UK.

MobileRP is a smartphone app that operates on the existing ticketing technology issued to on-train staff including the latest smartphones, phablets and tablets, as well as the Zebra robust mobile printer selected for the most recent ticketing projects within new rail franchises. 

The secure mobile software assists revenue protection staff through the use of postcode lookup, photographic evidence and customer signature capture, and all information is automatically uploaded in real time (*) to the RPSS back office notice processing system. Customer's notices can therefore be processed quicker, without the need for double data entry, ensuring better quality of data captured and instant payment / appeals through online web services.  

Get in touch if you would like to arrange a demonstration of the software and see how MobileRP can help improve your Notice Processing and Revenue Protection services.


Arepo has been providing back office and mobile notice processing systems to the parking and rail industries since 2002. MobileRP is the latest software product we offer to the transport industry that includes clients such as First Group, the Go-Ahead Group (Southeastern, GTR, Go Ahead London and Brighton & Hove Bus), and Indigo Parking (previously Vinci Park and Meteor Parking). 


(*) Real time data upload where network connectivity is available

Mobile Notice Processing

Quicker data capture

on train staff issue notices through a simple mobile app and robust printer

Data Quality

quick and easy data capture using preconfigured fields, postcode and other lookup services

Improved evidence

capture photographic evidence of incorrect tickets and digital signatures, uploaded to the back office in real time

Improved customer service

notice information is available to back office staff immediately, helping them to assist customer payments and appeals

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